Workplace Massage FAQ

How long are chair massages?

Chair Massages usually range from 10-30 minutes, with most people opting for 15-20 minutes of massage. The amount of time provides a nice break in the work day, or a nice treat at an event, without becoming too much of a burden on the day’s schedule. It also gives the therapist plenty of time to get some good work done!

What can the therapist accomplish with chair massage?

Our massage therapists have an arsenal of techniques to tackle your toughest knots in your back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands. These areas are our most common complaints and our therapists will dedicate most of their time to these troublesome areas. These short sessions leave people feeling refreshed and at ease, with less tension and more flexibility.

How often should we receive massage?

With any massage regimen, we recommend once per month for maintenance, and more often for acute issues. With office sessions, regular monthly massage not only provides a great benefit for your employees, but it also facilitates long-term health and wellbeing.

What does my office or event need to provide for the therapist(s)?

Nothing! Give our therapists a space to set up and they will take care of the rest! Be sure and let us know if you have any special requests, such as music or other mood-enhancers.

Do I need to tip the therapist(s)?

Gratuity is already included in our flat rate, so no gratuity is necessary! We will never solicit your staff or clients for gratuity. However if you’re inspired to add additional gratuity to your invoice you are of course always welcome.

What should we wear or not wear to receive chair massage?

Most of the time regular daily office wear works just fine for chair massage, so need to bring a change of clothes! However, tight skirts are not recommended.